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New Shifter

ECU repair

Error Codes We Often See:

69-32, SBI Communication Link Fault

22-14, Engine Speed Sensor

22-15, Turbine Speed Sensor

22-16, Output Speed Sensor

23-14, Secondary Shift Selector

All of the above codes can be set by other problems; A code for a bad Output Sensor doesn't necessarily mean a bad Output Sensor.

$495.00 PayPal - plus your ECU.

Older Shifters and ECUs- IMPORTANT! - We strongly recomend you let us replace a particular capacitor we have found to be a problem in many of the units we've repaired. This is a critical power supply component and can leave you stranded with a dead shifter. We have seen many cases of this causing an overheat and destroying the ECU - That is a $3000 problem we CAN'T fix.

Shipping Information

You must send in your shifter/ECU for repair and typically a 12x12x12 cardboard works well for this. This size easily accomodates your ECU and/or keypad, and leaves plenty of room for padding. It is recommended you insure your ECU!

All work is proudly guaranteed. If for any reason we can't fix it, all you pay is shipping.

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